How to save your posture and choose the best support for it

In the era of high technology and office work more and more people have a sedentary lifestyle and spend less time being active and doing sports, they just don’t have free time. As a result, many of us suffer from spinal curvature and posture problems. Posture refers to the position you assume, while standing, lying or sitting. Our posture shows how muscles work and any problems with it have a negative impact not only on our appearance but also on our health. A person feels tired and suffers from a headache and neck problems. In addition, posture problems can cause the development of serious and dangerous diseases. There are some reasons which cause posture problems, some of them are listed below.

1. Sedentary lifestyle
If your profession involves sitting job in front of the computer for hours, you can be sure that there are problems with your posture or they will appear soon.

2. Weak muscles
This is caused by a passive lifestyle, so sport is a good way to solve your health problems. Go to a gym, even if you don’t have enough free time, try to exercise at home or take breaks during your working process.

3. Fat
It is not surprising that obesity leads to a ton of health problems. If you weigh more, it is more complicated to maintain the right posture, so take care of your weight and keep a diet.

4. Pregnancy
It is crucial to be aware of your posture during pregnancy. A lot of women suffer from backaches during this process, they must be careful with it and consult with the doctor.

5. High heels
Some studies show that this kind of shoes causes a lot of posture problems. It puts extra pressure on your knees and leg muscles, so try not to wear high heels shoes too often.

There are some effective exercises that can help you to train your muscles and make them stronger. Many yoga and pilates moves are effective. But not everybody has time for doing sports, that’s why people seek an opportunity to save time and improve their health.

Posture correctors are created to prevent further progression of deformation or to reduce the pressure on the spine. Wearing a posture supporter puts your body to a right straight position. This device is quite effective conservative treatment. Furthermore, a lot of people prefer it as an alternative to surgery. This article is aimed to show you the most common types of correctors, describe them and help you to choose the best one, according to your problems and preferences.

How it works

The working principle of posture corrector is simple: muscles which were in constant tension relax and those which were in a relaxed position tighten. As a consequence, the axis of the spine is shifting and the good posture is forming. In addition, supporter forms a muscular corset, which keeps the spine in the correct position. When using the posture corrector, the backache is reduced and movements become confident.

The main benefits

First of all, the proper usage of a posture corrector can improve your appearance. You get straight and look higher, it creates a good impression. Your body looks more attractive. It also can change your mood. Slouching positions reduces oxygen circulation, your energy is reduced, you can feel depressed and even gain some weight. Furthermore, it can help you to get rid of headaches, back pain or pain in shoulders. If you had some injuries, posture supporters can help with rehabilitation. If you don’t have any problems, this device can help to prevent some diseases. It may seem strange, but posture correctors can improve your breath. Yes, that’s the truth, a wrong sitting position adds pressure on your lungs. Blood circulation is getting better too. Posture supporters induce blood flow and reduce the chances of heart diseases. As you can see, there are only advantages of using a posture corrector, that is why it is important to understand what are the main types of this device.

They can be different

These are the following kinds of posture correctors: reclinator, thoracic corrector, and chest supporter. All of them have different functions and are created to stop various health problems.

Chest supporter

It is utilized to anticipate or decrease problems with the spine in the chest areas. It enables you to avoid stooping. It is prescribed to wear the device by grown-ups and kids from four years.

The corrector is sufficiently wide. Its design has extra ties that help the lower part of the chest. Ribs are typically made of aluminium alloy, which enables you to move them depending on your back structure. The top straps are provided to back shoulders. They are sewed of neoprene or thick textures, which are hypoallergenic and make you feel comfortable. Chest supporter pulls back shoulders and rectifies upper back, supporting the spine and reducing spinal pain.

The most vital thing while picking a chest supporter is its size. If the size is smaller than you require, the bandage will even worsen posture. If the size is larger, the condition of the spine won't change.

The most important thing when choosing a chest supporter is its size. If the size is less than you need, the bandage will even worsen posture and cause some troubles. If the size is larger, the situation with the spine will not change. You need to measure the chest girth and the height of the thoracic department.


This type of support works in the principles of the back destination. Its aim is to correct the upper part of the spine with the help of shoulder dilution. Reclinator can be a great help for disease prevention.

It has a form of 8 number. The point of intersection is between the shoulder blades and its loops embrace the shoulders. This design allows to dilute the shoulder joints and align the thoracic spine.

Reclinators differ in the design of loops and material. Some of them made of soft elastic fabrics or neoprene, the others are sewed of synthetic or cotton fabrics, you should try different types and choose the most suitable one.

The only disadvantage of reclinators is its durability. After 3-4 month of its usage, loops lose their flexibility and the effectiveness of the corrector becomes worse. While choosing this type of supporter, be careful with the size of the straps. The best width is about 0,5 inches. This size will allow avoiding rubbing and discomfort.

Thoracic correctors

This kind of corrector is something between the reclinator and chest supporter. The corrector has hardening ribs, which are in the zone of thoracic correctors. The most important thing is the difference between a thoracic corrector and reclinator is that the second one is any longer. Thoracic corrector can cope with many back problems, some of them are the following:
1. Slouch;
2. Kyphosis;
3. Scoliosis;
4. Osteochondrosis.
Also, it helps you with other diseases which affect the entire spine. The thoracic corrector is considered to be a universal remedy for the treatment and prevention of diseases. It corrects posture throughout all spine.

The usage

You should put on a corrector in a standing position. Every product has its own instruction, but the main rules are:
1. Use it every day;
Increase wearing time.
During the first week put it on for a couple of hours, the next weeks increase the time according to the instruction. It is also important to know where you should put on this device. It is usually invisible and you can easily put it on under the clothes. Here are some situations where it would be useful to wear a posture supporter:

1. At the office.
People always forget about their posture, while working. Wearing a corrector will help you to sit up straight and improve health while working.

2. Watching TV.
Try to use posture corrector while lying on the sofa and watching some programs.

3. Reading.
Sometimes reading is so fascinating that we forget about everything around us. So, don’t forget to practice good posture.

4. Walking.
It is considered that people should put on posture supporters when they don’t move, but if you are not going to run a marathon, it would be fine to wear it before a long walk in the park.

More types

There are not only wearing types of posture correctors. For those people, who work in an office, a sedentary lifestyle is a usual thing and they spend all day sitting in a chair. It is easy to forget about posture when you sit at a desk completing some work. That’s why many people use alternative support devices to minimize posture problems. One of these devices can be placed on a chair. It allows you to sit in perfect posture, this device makes every chair ergonomic and train your muscles.

One more interesting thing is a swiss ball, also known as a gym ball. You can use it in place of an office chair. But you should understand that it is not a comprehensive treatment.

Technologies play an important role in our lives and some of them can help to improve our health condition. There are some devices which help your posture, they are connected to your phone and tract your poses.

Our sleeping poses can also affect our health and during the sleeping process, you can improve or make your help worse. Some mattresses and pillows are designed to support posture. You should try one of them, there is a chance that you will feel better and your health will improve.

Where to buy

1. Pharmacy
Pharmacies offer reliable brands of orthopaedic product. That’s why it is a reasonable idea to buy a corrector there.

2. Online shops
The Internet is a great invention which gives us the opportunity to buy things. Online stores offer a wide range of items, photos and detailed information on products. You can save your time and money, also, some sources deliver goods to different countries.

3. Specialized shops
There are shops where are presented reliable products for your health. It is usually an orthopaedic a shop of a particular label. Goods are not cheap there, but they have all the certifications.

If you are sure about your size and problems, you can order it on the Internet, if you need a consultation, visit a drugstore. If you know what exact good you need, there are a lot of specialized shops with posture support goods.

What’s the price

As you can see, there are different types of posture correctors and the price can differ. Approximate price of the cheaper ones is 10 dollars and the more expensive devices can cost about 50 dollars. If you have serious problems, you’d better spend more money on this thing, find enough information about the device you like, read reviews and compare prices. But the most important step is to visit your doctor and get his advice.


Usually, correctors don’t cause any problems, they are effective for posture and can be worn by everyone, who has back problems, but there are certain situations when the usage of correctors can be dangerous and even worse your condition. Some of them are: 1. Cardiovascular system diseases;
2. Chest deformation;
3. Skin diseases;
4. Allergies;
5. Hypersensitivity to some fabrics.

These reasons are the most common, but every person has his own health peculiarities.

Nowadays people live in a rush and they don’t care about health, that’s epidemic now and consequences can be irreparable. If you don’t have posture problems now, you should take care of it, because sedentary lifestyle won’t make the situation better. A good posture affects your ability to move and be active, so it is essential to care about it. Every person should visit a doctor, get a consultation and choose the most suitable variant of posture supporter. As you can see, there are a lot of different types of posture supporters, aimed to solve various health problems. But all of them are able to reduce health problems and make your body stronger. Even if you use a corrector not for a long period every day, it can improve your health and you will feel much better. There are no doubts that a healthy lifestyle can solve a lot of problems, but some people are too busy with their routine. Just don’t be lazy and check your posture condition, because our health is the most important thing we have.